Jul 17, 2016

ASTRAY CATS: "Closedoorphobia"

"The vengeance of the CATIA: closing a door and not letting a cat in.


Interventizio said...

What has that cat done to deserve all that cruelty? Just like its human counterpart, the CATIA does not forgive.

Interventizio said...
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Interventizio said...

Here's a presentation of the fat cat appearing in the third part of the strip:

The "Catfather".
EARMARKS: fat. Wears heavy necklace. Has a fishbone-shaped scar.
SOCIAL FUNCTION: he is the head of “the CATIA”, a dubious organization composed of the far descendants of cats who used to live on the streets surrounding italian restaurants, hence
their chubbiness. In the “CATIA”, fatness is an element of distinction. This organization's only business is the smuggling of codfish, a rare merchandise in this post-human era.