Aug 5, 2010

10,000 PISS-OFF SITUATIONS - #10,000

As a reaction to blogs like "", which is by the way having a major success in terms of followers, and which I like, wouldn't it be a good idea to list the things that enrage you the most? Of course it's no revolutionary idea, and I guess there is something similar to that somewhere in the cyberspace, but I like to think of it as the dark side of the fancy and positive minimalism displayed by the site I have mentioned. Listing fine and gracious situations may help appreciate those tiny little moments of life that make it worth living. There is no denying that. Listing piss-off situations of everyday life, on the other hand, may serve the purpose of rationalizing them and of thinking out possible antidotes to their consequences. If you let these little Gremlins find a niche in your subconscious, they will grow roots, and may make you snap one day without apparent reason.


Here one for starters, with a preliminary note: you might find many of my future entries transportation-related. That's because I basically hate driving.


THE PROBLEM. Many jackasses - usually arrogant owners of a Mercedes car, don't know why - think that when driving on a large urban street (for instance one with four lanes, two for each way) where speed limits are virtually non-existent, the same rules as in the motorway apply, namely that the leftmost lane has to be left free for faster cars to overtake slower ones. So, when you drive on the leftmost lane, you will see them in the rear mirror flashing or hooting at you, asking you to switch to the right lane because you are standing in their way. They will frequently yell at you from the cockpits of their flashy rockets, while all you are doing is excercising your right to stay where you have chosen to stay without anybody bullying you.

THE ANTIDOTE(S). Here what you can do: 1) show them the middle finger and keep going; 2) let them pass, knowing that they will have to brake hard right after that because the light is red. They will consume the brake pads of their car and maybe experience the futility and stupidity of their arrogance.

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