Mar 17, 2010

A courageous beginning

A writer's worst nightmare, and this is broadly known, is when he finds himself bent on a blank page, overwhelmed by the variety of his thoughts, if he's lucky, or by the lack thereof, if he's not so lucky, his conscience requiring him to fill that blank spot in a distressed life. You might think it's the first step, and that any beginning is difficult (more on that later in some other post, I guess) but after that fate presents you with another white page and history presents itself over and over again, and, well, it's up to us to not let this further history calmly and inertially slip to farce. Any beginning requires a new courage, a courage with its own particularities.
I was wondering who can anybody possibly be interested in what I've got to say? Well, if people were to question their ability to interest people in what they are saying any time of the day, then they would either stay silent and go back to the age of apes, when only the thing you got to have other members of your species understand was your willing and necessity to eat or get laid, or, without that being a real choice, be projected into a world of self-references, that's to say, global autism (ringin' any bells?).

There are two reasons I've decided to open this blog for:

1)  I fit into the second category described above, and I don't care about what people think. This blog is only a speech I entertain with my real me;
2)  that's what all the people out there do;

But... wait a minute... the second proposition struggles with the first one: I don't care about what people think but I care about what people do? Ok so the king is naked here (and also Elvis left the building, so the a naked king has left the building, an uncomfortable situation indeed), and I am about to tell the truth. I CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK, especially about me, just like anybody.

But that's not even the point, so enough with the crapola. The purpose of what I have written so far was to fill the first blank page, and i think I've hit the bull's eye for that matter.

I am opening this blog because:

1) I want to test myself, even in thinking of a manner I could test myself ('cause I don't even know what I am to write in the post to come, let alone the rest).
2) I want to encourage anybody to share their point of view on what I'll be discussing, even if only for the humanitarian purpose of winning me back from my autistic tendencies from time to time.
3) I wanna see if I can commit myself to a regular-basis endeavour.

So, that's it. If there (still) is anybody there, I beg your forgiveness for the inefficiencies of my english, which I bet it's filled with italian derivatives (as if we hadn't had enough of these lately), and I'll see you in the next post.

"More unique than rare example of a happy and carefree bluesman."

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